Today was an incredible and emotional day. We began the day by splitting into three groups and praying over different people in the village of Williamson. It was a blessing to get to know these people, where they came from, and where they are at in life. Most of the families needed prayer for their health, finances, and spirituality. One of the ladies we came in contact with in particular was the infamous “Witchcraft” lady. She came up to us in the middle of the road (which was incredible and shocking) and began asking us to pray for her. She wanted prayer for her family, herself, and an occupation. This was remarkable for us to witness. The majority of the families knew Jesus, and claimed they were Christians. However, we were asked to pray for a specific young man who’s girlfriend (who we talked to) is a Christian. He is pulling her the other way and making it difficult for her to follow Christ. There are so many stories we can tell from our experience in the village, but we will leave that for the team to explain in detail, considering there were three groups (and we were both in the same group).

Once we were back at the orphanage, one group went ahead to head back to Kaliko with a sick team member (who is much better now ☺). The second group was left at OEDWA to wait for the other bus to take them. However, we waited…and waited…and waited. Apparently the bus driver didn’t get the memo to come back to transport us! The bus finally came about an hour later, and we quickly went back to Kaliko to eat. We were anxious to come back to OEDWA and spend the last few hours with our precious children. Once we were all back, many of the children prepared and dressed for the soccer game. It was a fun time for all of us, and the neighboring orphanages got to share a special afternoon together. Before the game, TJ spoke to both orphanages as a group about the importance of sharing, caring for one another, and loving each other as Christ loves us.

After a hot soccer game, we went back to the dreaded last moments together. This past week has been incredible for every team member on this trip. We have all laughed together, worked together, cried together, and loved as brothers and sisters in Christ. Our amazing Savior has a plan for each one of us, and we were so blessed to be able to go on this trip. Even though it was our last day with the children, we can rest in the fact that The Lord has the children in His hands and will take care of them better than any one of us could. It was so difficult to say goodbye to them, and we would be lying if we said there weren’t many tears. However, we like to think of it as a “see you later” rather than a goodbye.

Thank you for reading this blog throughout the week, Thank you for praying for us each day and night as we went through this incredible, exhausting, and rewarding journey. Please continue to pray for us tomorrow as we travel home. Pray for us as we cope with leaving these children behind. They have given us so much more than we have given to them, and we were so blessed to spend this time with them.

We will leave Kaliko around 9 in the morning, and travel to the Haitian museum. Following that, we will head to the airport and begin the journey back to America! Our flight leaves Port Au Prince at 3:50, and we have a layover in Miami. We should return to Nashville about 10:15 tomorrow night. Thank you for your prayers and support during this time! We appreciate it and hope you continue to hear the awesome stories about events that have occurred this week. To God be the glory!

Alex and Breanne