Happy Birthday!!

Today was yet another amazing and fun day. This morning, about half of our team traveled to Mission of Hope for church. What an honor to see so many different people from different cultures worship together as a body of Christ. It didn’t matter what language you spoke or where you are from; it was an incredible experience to say the least! We sang “Oh Happy Day!” and “I’ll Fly Away” along with several others in Creole. Although the majority was in Creole, we were still able to worship our God whole-heartedly.

Those who have been to church at Mission of Hope before stayed back to help Mo decorate for the birthday party. We all finished decorating when we returned and the children came running off the bus in no time. They began their afternoon by filling their plates completely full and quickly ate. And they sure did eat a lot. (Every single child has gained weight TWO trips in a row. Praise God for that!!!) When they were done, they were allowed to open their bags full of surprises from their sponsor families. Watching this was an amazing experience seeing how ecstatic they were. They were all truly thankful for each and every thing in their bags. It didn’t matter if it was deodorant or a new swimsuit, they were so appreciative. It was such a humbling experience. After opening their presents, they didn’t waste any time and quickly jumped into the pool. It looked like a wave pool with all the jumping, splashing, and playing. They played hard all afternoon and enjoyed every minute of it. Each and every one of us had such a fun afternoon. It was by far the best afternoon of the trip so far.

Tonight, before dinner, I (Alex Potts), along with Alexandra Richardson and Ashley Faulkner had the privilege of being baptized in the beautiful Sea of Haiti. It was absolutely incredible experiencing this. Having 47 other brothers and sisters in Christ surround you for support and to show their love was so encouraging. In saying all this, today was a big day! A lot happened, and we were so grateful for every second of it.

We are, however, beginning to dread saying goodbye to these precious children. It seems like just yesterday we were coming off of the plane into the Port Au Prince airport. Tomorrow is our last day at OEDWA, our last day in the village, and ultimately our last day in Haiti. Pray that we look past these “last” things and just continue to enjoy our day. Pray that we make a lasting impression on the children, the village people, Pastor, and everyone we come in contact with. Pray for the three girls that got baptized today. Pray that we walk in sync with Christ and that we show light and His love to every person around us. We have absolutely loved the past six days here in Williamson, and are so blessed to have this opportunity to share the love of Christ to everyone we come in contact with.

-Alex and Breanne