Today was an adventurous day. Today consisted of VBS, playing and loving on children, painting, pouring concrete, pier jumping, hiking and exploring the Haitian market. We started off the day at Mercy and Sharing teaching the children about how Peter denied Jesus three times. We spoke about how God still loved Peter even though he denied Him; nothing we could ever do could make Jesus stop loving us. We taught the lesson like we did yesterday. We had Melissa speaking, Bikenson translating and a drama team acted out the scene. After, we played a game and did crafts. Part of the team rode back to the village and the others, like yesterday, hiked down from Mercy and Sharing. When we all got back to the orphanage, we left to go to lunch.

After lunch, we got back in a bucket line to finish the concrete for the kitchen. We finally got all of the concrete laid and it looks so great. After the concrete was finished, we began painting the bathroom privacy wall. Let’s just talk about this for a minute. The paint was literally water. It took about 15 minutes to FINALLY get the paint stirred up. After that, it still took about 20 coats (not exaggerating) to finish. However, we got it and it now matches the rest of the buildings! Throughout the afternoon, TJ and Bikenson took groups of 5-10 people to the market to see the Haitian culture and what market day is really like. It was a very smelly, busy, exciting and good experience. It is really neat to see first hand how the Haitians live day to day. The majority of our team finished out our hot and busy day with some fun pier jumping in this beautiful ocean.

As this week is quickly coming to an end, please pray that we finish strong. Pray that the birthday party goes well tomorrow and everyone has a great time. Pray that even though we are having fun, we still show the love of God to everyone around us, not just the children. We need to use this fun opportunity to grow God’s kingdom and make disciples of Christ. These precious children mean so much to us, and we want to lead them to be a light in this dark world.

-Alex and Breanne