Day 2

Today was an exhausting, hot and incredible day. We arrived at the orphanage this morning ready to love, work and play with the children. Some of our team quickly began working to hang colorful Christmas lights around the pavilion. TJ’s favorite thing to do this morning was making fun of the “single ladies” on the trip and forcing them to pick a picnic table up with him on it so he was able to hang more lights around the roof; little did he know, he had a lot of strong girls picking him up. He was taken aback when they all picked the picnic table up—he nearly hit his head on the roof. Kristen was able to care for a few of the children that were not feeling well. We prayed over children and asked our great God for healing.
After lunch, we returned to the orphanage; around 12 of our team members went to Mercy and Sharing about 15 minutes away to meet the children and staff. There, they were able to find more details about VBS and just used that time to acquaint with that orphanage. The majority of our children went to Mercy and Sharing to meet the orphans. They were excited to get on the bus and go somewhere new for a fun afternoon. The rest of the team stayed behind at the orphanage to move more sand and rocks to continue to lay the foundation of the kitchen.

It’s so, so incredible seeing firsthand what God has done for this orphanage in Haiti; it is almost unbelievable seeing what God has allowed Fellowship to accomplish. The team is so thankful for the work that has been put into this orphanage and we are carrying on the tradition. It was so, so hot today, but we worked together as brothers and sisters in Christ to shovel up concrete, pass the buckets, and lay it down. In the famous words of TJ, “my sweat is sweating.” Although it was a lot of sweating, we finally got a good bit of concrete laid today! We spent the afternoon working, laughing, sweating and playing with the children.

As Christians, we know how powerful prayer is. Please pray for strength to finish the tasks that we are assigned to do. Pray for those precious children. Pray that they will see our love that we have for them that is given through our Savior. Pray that we will follow God’s will in every situation and that we will maintain unity throughout the week. Pray that we do not underestimate the power of love that God has given us to share with these children.

Alex and Breanne

Day 3

I am sitting in a little cove off of the main patio writing this blog and listening to conversations about our day. “Her laugh makes me so happy.” “I love how the children come up to you with their arms up asking you to hold them.” “It’s so crazy how a child you have never met just grabs your hand and walks with you.” “I’m going to hear car horns in my sleep because the Haitians honk so much.” These are all accurate quotes from the day. After breakfast, we loaded up not go to the orphanage, but to go to Mercy and Sharing to have VBS. Children from our orphanage, the village and Mercy and Sharing all showed up to learn about Jesus. It was so incredible. Melissa spoke about how Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee. As she spoke, Bikenson translated in Creole; a drama team also acted out the story. After the lesson, we broke off into groups to do a craft with the children. It was hard communicating, considering there were not enough translators, but as always, our God pulled through and it was a successful time. After the craft, we all went back into the church to play a game all together. It was amazing seeing the passion and love that the children have for Jesus. It was a successful first morning at VBS.

After VBS ended, we had a group load up on the buses with some of our children to head down the rocky, windy road back to the orphanage. The rest of the team walked down the mountain. When we all arrived at the orphanage, we loaded up on the buses. We had a small problem—one of the buses wouldn’t start. We had to make two separate trips from the orphanage to Kaliko. It was unexpected, but everyone cooperated and though lunch was late for some, we all got to eat and rest before heading back to continue the kitchen at the orphanage.

We had another bucket line today. Surprising, right? We were able to move so much rock and sand from one end of the orphanage to the other. After passing roughly 100 buckets, we started to lay more concrete for the kitchen. It was a very effective afternoon in construction. We still have a way to go, but it is definitely coming together. The children were precious, as always today. So many of them were helping while we continued construction with the biggest smile on their face. It is such a blessing that they are willing to help us. We never have to ask; they are always there with a smile on their face ready to work.

Tomorrow, we are headed back to Mercy and Sharing to share the gospel with the precious Haitians. Please pray for our time at VBS. Pray that the children and adults will know the magnitude of God’s love for them. Pray for our team to have safe travels from the orphanage, to Kaliko and to Mercy and Sharing. The bus that quit working is now working again, so pray that it continues to run. Pray for unity, strength, rest and for us to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus as He sets tasks before us.

-Alex and Breanne