Over the past three days, we have gained more than 20 new brothers and sisters in Christ in Williamson and have given out around 400 Bibles. But as TJ said tonight, it’s not about the numbers; it’s about God’s glory and the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

This trip has been incredibly unique in that we are not only getting to see God leave a mark on the orphanage, but we’re also getting to see him leave a mark throughout the village. There are Bibles in corners of Williamson that have never seen the light of Christ. I just imagine standing on top of one of the beautiful mountains that rise up behind Williamson and looking down at the irregularly placed rows of houses to see hundreds of beams of glorious light reaching from heaven to earth, with their glow beginning to reach the darkness that is steadily fleeing this place. How amazing is our God who has done all this and who brought all of us together at this time for his purposes.

A lot of conversations about where the orphanage started and where it is today have taken place over the past two days, and that alone is yet another testament to God’s faithfulness in watching over this place. Yesterday all of the children were measured, photographed, and weighed, and every single one of them has gained weight in the past three months. The Lord has taken them from malnourishment to three meals a day. Today all of the children were given letters from their sponsors and team members who have grown to love them over the past few days. The Lord has taken them from the ranks of orphans to the ranks of His children, and to places as family in the lives of all of those who love them so dearly. How good is our God. And oh how His goodness showed up throughout the village today. One group was invited into a schoolroom where the teacher/pastor passionately sang to them and lifted his hands high in prayer for them as his students quietly mumbled prayers across the room.

Another group had a woman following them all day, wanting them to hurry up and get to her house to pray for her and give her a Bible. Her house was their last stop, and when they got there they prayed over her and then started talking to a girl who had been with her during the day. This girl wanted to accept Christ as her savior, and they were able to pray with her and give her a Bible of her own as well.

Yet another group was talking with a young man who talked for a long time with them and wanted to be saved. He spoke about having a nightmare where he was unable to get out of a grave where he had been put even though he was still alive. Someone was able to share that Christ was in a grave too, but he overcame that grave. Then Hannah shared that when she has nightmares she will sit and pray to the Lord and that it is promised that demons will flee from his name of Jesus. His face lit up, and he was all in about a relationship with this powerful God.

Someone else spoke with two women who had actually been praying for a Bible. One of them knew English and was able to read the letter at the front of the Bible herself. Then Dawn and Pypo went off from the group to go to one extra house, and Pypo was able to help her lead someone in that house to Christ as well. It’s amazing to see God use Pastor’s children with us in this ministry outside the orphanage walls. What an incredible picture of the united body of Christ.

It was powerful to see team members listening to urges from God that He placed on their hearts all throughout the day, whether that be pulling a Bible verse out of their back pocket to share with a family, stopping at the beginning of a street that everyone else passed by, leaving a Bible at a door where no one was home, asking to pray for someone else at a house who wasn’t involved in the initial conversation, or turning back to speak to a man who had watched us pass by from a distance, a man who later proclaimed with amazement and joy, “I have a Bible of my very own!” And then tonight TJ called Mark, a man who serves at Kaliko, into our team devotional to be prayed over because the Lord put the staff here on TJ’s heart too. We prayed for Mark and his son Givenson who is in the hospital dealing with typhoid or malaria. I ask that right now you stop and pray for him too. You are a part of God’s work here too. Everyone who has prayed, given financially, written in Bibles, supported team members in their decision to come to Haiti – God has ordained you to be a part of this ministry.   It’s dizzying to think about the beautifully complex way God has weaved together this moment with these people under these circumstances at this time. It’s something that leaves me speechless with just a smile on my face and a shiver in my body. Our God is mighty and faithful, and I can’t get the words Kara and Brianne sang tonight out of my head: The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away, His perfect love could not be overcome. Now death, where is your sting? Our resurrected king has rendered you defeated! Forever He is glorified, forever He is lifted high, forever He is risen, He is alive, He is alive. God is alive in Williamson tonight. Pray that He will continue His good work tomorrow, and that He will bless our eyes to see it.