Tonight I don’t want you to read about our daily schedule. I don’t want the hugeness of what God is doing here to be missed or overlooked because I’m getting in the way by trying to describe what we did hour to hour throughout the day. I encourage you to ask your friends and family that when they return home – start a continuous dialogue about God’s work in Haiti and what they experienced as individuals with unique experiences. For now, let me tell you about what the Lord did in our day, not what we did in our routine. The Lord gifted Randy and Phillip with carpentry skills so that they could continue work on the roof for the pavilion. They finished the main supports and began hammering the support rafters in place in preparation for the next steps tomorrow. It was so encouraging to be able to see their work rising up and taking shape at Pastor’s whether we were sharing the gospel up the mountain or down the hill towards the market. Our resident dentist Joe was able to use his God-given gifts to good effect today too, pulling around 30 teeth to relieve the pain of some of our children and villagers who lined up and waited even through lunch to see him. His hands were at work for the Lord in a very practical way as he, Jenny, and an interpreter named Dominique examined mouths plagued by abscesses and rotted teeth, all while smiling and sharing the gospel through the gifts of Creole Bibles. Most of our team went back out in the village again, and the Lord was just as much at work today as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow:

“I started making small talk with a woman on her porch and asked about the peanut shells I saw on her porch. She had been shelling them and I just mentioned that I loved peanuts. We got to spend some time talking with her and when I reached for my backpack to pull a Bible out, Julie stopped me and said she had one ready. I handed it to our translator Didi and when he opened it and began to read the letter inside, I realized my brother wrote it and that it said exactly what I believe the Lord need this lady and me to hear. Out of 700 Bibles, that was the one Julie handed me. As we left, the lady put her hands in mine and gave me a small bag of peanuts.”

“Everyone was so eager to get a Bible, to get something that could be theirs. They wanted to be able to own that Bible and it reminded me of just how little they have and precious the word of God is.”

“One conversation that stuck out to me was with a lady who was standing in front of us with her child, talking about how her husband beat her so much that she became barren after she had her first child. Kierstie was able to talk to her about God’s unfailing love and how He wants us to never settle for the things of this world, like conditional human love, when He promises so much more.”

“After everything that I’ve seen, I don’t what the kids at Pastor’s would be doing right now if it weren’t for the Lord’s faithfulness in bringing TJ, Fellowship, and this place together.”

“As we were talking with people, Fiyah and Clifton began to take the lead on translating our English into Creole and even asked if they could pray for families instead of us. Even when Fiyah wasn’t speaking he was repeating what Peterson translated as a way to practice. One time he even prayed in English while someone else translated to Creole for me. That was awesome.”

“I met Emmanuelson today and thought, ‘I want to be his friend.’ As the day progressed he played soccer with me, was involved in a matching game I played with other kids, was a leader for our group when we walked around the village, and was holding my hand by mid-afternoon. The precious boy stole my heart and had me in tears.”

“At one point Cody was speaking to a group of around 25 or 30 people about the gospel and when he asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, 3 people came forward and kneeled to pray and be prayed for, adding to the ranks of God’s faithful in Williamson.”

“Yesterday Clayton talked about being asked, ‘What is your dream for tomorrow?’ I got to talk to Fiyah today and I asked him what his biggest dream was and he said that he wanted to be an engineer. And a pastor. And told him why not do both? Ministry can be in everything.”

“After everything this afternoon it hit me how precious the word of God is. I have probably six Bibles in my room and these people were crowding around us and praising God in the streets for bringing them a Bible of their own. It made me realize how often we take the Bible for granted.”

The Lord is working here. He’s showing himself and his character to everyone, Haitian and American, in very personal ways. For me, this has been through his creation. He sat me down in front of another one of his perfect sunsets, with his golden sunlight shining on water I can only describe as glass-like in color and flawlessness, and streaking through one massive gray-blue cloud that seemed to perfectly mirror the mountains behind me that I cherish so dearly. I see God in his creation. And I saw team members all around me – lying on the pier, resting under a tree, sitting at the water’s edge, swimming in the pool – talking and writing in journals about where they are seeing the Lord. Ask them about how and where they see the Lord. Randy spoke tonight from Luke 9 and following and talked about how this trip, what the Lord is doing here, is “unusual and rare and sweet.” What a precious reminder of the power and extraordinary character of the God that brought us all here at this moment in time. The Lord and his work and his timing and his purposes are anything but ordinary. It’s really indescribable to see Him at work, and I think there’s a beauty and strange peace to be found in the fact that we serve a God who is so vast and so powerful that our limited understanding can’t comprehend his limitless abilities. Pray that He will continue to open his people’s eyes and hearts to anything and everything that is from Him, whether we understand it or not.