What if we can already speak Creole?  What if all knowledge already exists in us?  What if we are already the light of the world, able to push back all darkness?  What if the knowledge of God, that transcends all understanding, is found in us?  These are the questions we were challenged with as Chris inspired us with the prayer of Philipians 1:9 that, “Our love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that we may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ.”
Chris shared with us his “thirst for knowledge” in learning the language of Creole.  He used the game “Monkey in the Middle” to illustrate his struggle to grasp the wealth of knowledge being thrown above his head.  Chris explained that we experience barriers like this that serve as weakness in our foundation.  We are unable to achieve full knowledge until we are able to peel back these barriers revelation by revelation.  The barrier to light is darkness, which Chris suggested can be chipped simply by supplying more light to cast out the darkness.
As we celebrate New Years with a feast and fireworks, we are immersing ourselves in a culture of light.  Our desperate yerning for “more”  has bought us each here to Haiti to share in the opportunity and optimism that comes with each passing year.  Here with our friends and brothers in Christ, we are certain that there is no better place to break down the barriers than this place in this celebration.  As we enjoyed the night, I asked each teammate to share their own “what if” statement of a dream they have for Haiti.  This year instead of New Year’s resolutions, we have “hopes for Haiti.”

What If….

What if everyone’s heart was fiilled with the love of Christ?

What if the kids in our orphanage became leaders of Haiti?

What if love is authentic?

What if everyone in the village got to hear Pastor Emmanuel preach the gospel?

What if there was no end to what we could do through Christ?

What if I don’t let my fears about the future stop me from committing to a life of “serving” Him

What if the kids at the orphanage transformed the country of Haiti?

What if all our relationships could be like what  we experience inside the walls of the orphanage?

What if the rivers of Haiti had water flowing in them again?

What if a devastating earthquake had never hit Haiti?

What if instead of longing to take these children home, we realize that they can grow up to change the country of Haiti, and even the world?

What if we all knew Creole?

What if everyone in the village was open to the Gospel?

What if clean drinking water could be supplied to all of Haiti?

What if everyone in Haiti was raised like we were in the U.S.?

What if God was present in every person you ever met?

What if we could provide these kids with everything they needed?

What if the orphans had someone to love and hold them everyday?

What if every sponsor family had the opportunity to come to Haiti and meet their sponsor child

What if one day years from now, I come back to visit Williamson and one of the orphans is the governor?

What if all the health needs were met for the village, as well as the orphanage?

What if we did not overcomplicate God’s simplicity?

What if God is calling me to “wreck” my life?

What if there were no barriers stopping us from spreading Christ’s word?

What if the 143,000,000 orphaned children in the world were given a chance at hope?