1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us, “So whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  This is the scripture TJ prayed that we would live out today as we continued in our mission.
With this scripture as the motivation of our hearts, we asked God for the strength to improve upon the work we had started.  Our  day began with a visit to Mission of Hope, a local outreach program and our partner here in Haiti.  There, our prayer became one with the people of Haiti as we attended worship service after a well-deserved late breakfast.  At Mission of Hope, we were greeted with the sound of hundreds of Haitians singing with every breath they had in them.  Their display of vibrancy and passion left us with no choice but to join in and sing praises to our King.  For a moment in time, we were singing- one praise as one voice- language was no longer a barrier .  Together we sang, “You are the one we adore, You are the one that we praise.  You give us healing and grace our hearts always hunger for.”  The breeze from the open church calmed our overwhelmed minds, as we were comforted and inspired by the peace the people of Haiti have found.  This peace was exemplified in the certainty of their worship, as they sang as if God was so near that the tin roof above their heads was all that seperated them from their Heavenly Father.  With these faithful followers as our example, we were able to humble ourselves and glorify God with our voices.
After being spiritually filled by our Haitian-inspired worship, we returned to Kaliko. There, we armed our bodies for the physical task of starting work on the pavilion for the orphanage.  We were told to be prepared to work, equipped with gloves for “bucket lines.”  This warning was accompanied by many groans of those who have become familiar with the wrath of the “bucket lines.”  For those who remained uncertain of what the day had in store, it was now time to glorify God through our work.  At the orphanage, we wasted no time in developing a steady line of teammates in the infamous “bucket line”, as cement buckets were passed and poured only to repeat the process over and over again.  As we circled around the plot of land for the future pavilion, we were unified in the work we were called to perform.  TJ described this bond as the goal of any mission trip saying, “We are all called to the same place for different reasons and therefore, we share the experience.”  Other team members were able to glorify God in their work with the children, making crafts and singing songs in Vacation Bible School led by Melissa.  The heat pressed on, and so did we.  The monotony of the “bucket line” challenged us to live out this verse, even when it becomes most difficult.  Just when the weight of the buckets and children became too much to bare, we could hear voices from the neighboring orphanage singing praise songs.  God sent us the sweet voices of children to remind us that this trip is not about us; but about bringing glory to God, who always hears our worship, along with our cries for help.  The peace the people of Haiti have found is in knowing that God is glorified when we allow Him to help carry the weight we struggle to hold on our own.  So, whether learning to weld, leading Vacation Bible School, passing buckets of cement in what seems like a never-ending circle, eating, or drinking we must “do it all for the glory of God.” He is worthy of the highest praise because in our desperate seeking for relief he gives us “healing and grace our hearts always hunger for.”

-Claire Jagger’s